How has your life been positively affected by Adventist Education?

How did your experience in an Adventist school help to make you who you are today?

What did you learn there that continues to guide you today?

We are looking to collect and share stories of individuals who credit Adventist Education with who they’ve become and what they’ve accomplished.

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Adventist Education Stories started as a simple idea that Aimee Saesim Leukert had to collect stories from around the world of individuals who had attended a Seventh-day Adventist elementary or academy and who were thriving in their current profession or field. A product of Adventist Education herself and previously an elementary and academy teacher, Aimee knew many of her classmates and former students had gone on to do amazing things in their careers and credited that success to the experiences they had at a K-12 Adventist school. For so many, Adventist Education provided core values and a unique worldview that those students carried with them through to adulthood. A researcher at heart, Aimee felt strongly that these stories—and those of countless others—should be captured and preserved in a book.

She pitched the book proposal to an Adventist publishing house and the idea caught on like wildfire. As stories came pouring in from all parts of the world, Aimee quickly recognized the need to create a permanent structure in which to not only solicit, but also house these stories.

The first volume of Thriving: Stories of the Adventist Education Effect is due to be published in July 2023.


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